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Its initial worldwide release, September 30, was announced at the "Uncovered" event. Despite this intended date, further polishing work resulted in the date being pushed back to November Further fixes were applied to the game through a Day One patch released concurrent with the game.  See more Release date; November 29, ; Get the game. Standard Edition. FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION brings the acclaimed epic to new heights, packed with add-on content and Its North American release was originally scheduled for Fall , published by Penguin Random House as part of a multi-project deal with Square Enix. For unexplained reasons the book was This is a list of all downloadable content available for Final Fantasy XV. It includes story episodes, weapons, attire, and item packs. The content is purchasable through the PlayStation Network FINAL FANTASY XI ... read more

Based on gameplay footage, the Eikons will be an important factor in combat—not just to harness their magic against the player character's run-of-the-mill enemies, but apparently in giant monster combat with other Eikons, too.

Trailer gameplay shows the massive incarnations of traditional Final Fantasy summons slugging each other directly, with the Eikons taking damage to their own health bars. According to producer Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy 16 won't be an open world game. Instead, with independent playable areas, the dev teams hopes to achieve what feels like a "truly 'global' scale" by creating a variety of environments that feel distant and distinct from each other.

Thank goodness. Driving the car in FF15 was fun and all, but nothing could compare to mounting a chocobo and taking on the wilds with your buds.

New information on FF16's website helps to provide some context to all those proper nouns from the reveal trailer. The world of Valisthea has giant glittering mountains called Mothercrystals, Square Enix say. Great powers have grown up around each Mothercrystal, and an uneasy peace has long reigned between them. Yet now the peace falters as the spread of the Blight threatens to destroy their dominions. Then there are Eikons and Dominants—the former are the most powerful creatures in the world and the latter are the human vessels able to call upon their power.

Depending on the nation they're from, Dominants might be revered as royalty for their power or controlled because of it. Clive Rosfield Anything can be a fantasy protagonist name if you want it to be. Player character Clive is the oldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria and was expected to be the new Dominant who would inherit the power of Phoenix.

Instead, his younger brother becomes the Dominant and Clive gets the consolation prize of being named the First Shield of Rosaria. As the shield, he can wield a small part of Phoenix's flame and is in charge of protecting his brother. Joshua Rosfield Joshua is the second son of the Archduke of Rosaria and Clive's younger sibling. He's the sweet and soft younger boy archetype—a noble kid who treats everyone beneath his social standing with respect.

He looks up to his elder brother too, of course. Jill Warrick Jill was born in the northern territories and was made a ward in Rosaria at a young age to secure peace between the two nations. She's been raised alongside the Rosfield boys, so it seems she's like a sister to them. FF16 has some hype-worthy names involved, including Final Fantasy 14 producer Naoki Yoshida and director Hiroshi Takai.

After Yoshida's Creative Business Unit III studio famously turned around FF14, making it the huge success it is today, it'll be interesting to see how the pair tackle a traditional Final Fantasy presumably detached from multiplayer. Additionally, Square Enix recently hired Ryota Suzuki as a "battle director" and he is rumored to be working on FF16 opens in new tab. Suzuki was designer of Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma, which is a solid pedigree.

In July , producer Yoshida said that English voice acting had already begun ahead of Japanese. And we're specifically doing it in British English. We're using facial capture, so later on, we won't have to adjust by hand each of the faces doing cutscenes. Remember how I said FF16 was announced for PC in the reveal trailer and then somewhat unannounced by Square Enix? We can't know for sure what's causing the confusing messaging, but games industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls claims that it all has to do with a timed exclusivity deal with Sony.

According to Harding-Rolls, FF16 will be exclusive to the PS5 for its first six months. That would be the earliest time that the game can come to PC.

As for other consoles, he says Sony has that exclusivity locked down for a full year. If this is true, it's not an usual arrangement. Games supported in part by first party publishers often have timed exclusivity, though barring FF16 from PC as well does go a bit farther than most. As for why Square Enix is trying to put the cat back in the bag about FF16 on PC? It's possible that Sony wasn't psyched about it. As a showcase during its big PS5 games event, Sony likely wanted viewers to feel like the PS5 was the only way to play FF16 which it will be, just not forever, perhaps.

There is no official confirmation of FF XVI coming to PC, however the structure of the deal and the mention in the Sony PS5 showcase does suggest this is the case. He hallucinates his beloved and brother tormenting him though realizing they are phantoms created by his own mind and thus Somnus's continued cruelty to him is but a projection. After two millennia of captivity a group of soldiers led by Verstael Besithia frees Ardyn who is taken to a research facility.

He has gained the power to daemonify others and receive their memories in return, and after seven confusing months Ardyn has reluctantly acclimated to his new reality. Verstael has the Astral god Ifrit captive in his lab, but when the god awakens, Ardyn learns the Hexatheon language from Ifrit's memories while daemonifying him.

Glimpsing into the deity's psyche shows Ardyn memories from the Crystal itself, which acts as a conduit for the sleeping gods to observe the world. He thus learns of Aera's vision of himself as the Chosen King and feels betrayed.

When the lab is attacked by the Lucian Royal Guard on a mission to return Ardyn to captivity, he hallucinates them with Somnus's face and becomes enraged. The combination of seeing the real prophecy of himself as king, Verstael's coaxing for him to accumulate more power to take rightful revenge, and seeing Lucians as Somnus's blood, consumes Ardyn with lust for vengeance.

Years later both Ardyn and Verstael have furthered their careers among Niflheim and Ardyn has grown stronger and more worldly and knowledgeable by daemonifying others and absorbing their memories and wisdom. Verstael and Ardyn conspire to attack Insomnia together. Ardyn infiltrates the city alone and easily disables the Wall amplifiers that protect the city from imperial invasion, untouchable by his supernatural powers and using the knowledge of the city and its king he has gained from those he has daemonified to his advantage.

He rebuffs Verstael's retreat order when the Wall holds against their estimations, and goes for the king whose Ring of the Lucii summons Somnus's 2,year-old spirit, now acting through the royal heirloom to still empower his descendants.

Somnus is filled with regret over what Ardyn has become, and attempts to apologize for his role in fostering Ardyn's all-consuming hatred, but Ardyn is not receptive. Though prevailing against his brother, Bahamut prevents Ardyn from killing King Regis by pulling him into an otherworldly realm. The Sword God explains Ardyn's role as the embodiment of the Starscourge to be killed by the True King who is soon to arrive. Ardyn is immortal because the Crystal had absorbed his soul into the realm connected to Eos by the Crystal that cannot be entered in physical form.

In this afterlife realm the True King is to annihilate Ardyn's soul, which has lingered there for 2, years. Bahamut traps Ardyn in an illusory torment by an image of his beloved to cause him more pain than physically possible to feel. Ardyn emerges in Angelgard full of resentment and vows to kill the Astrals and the True King both.

The events of Final Fantasy XV transpire, and Ardyn awaits for the True King at the Citadel for their final battle. The person who arrives is not Noctis, however, but a revived Lunafreya. Aranea is returning to Niflheim after a hour shift leading a recovery and cleanup effort in Altissia with Biggs and Wedge. She has lost half of her 86th Airborne Unit in the fighting, as the military treats its human troops poorly compared to the magitek infantry. She thinks about how much the empire has changed since her childhood, as putting all resources into expanding the military has made citizens' lives bleak and places like amusement parks and cinemas have closed down.

As she enters Gralea she finds the army fighting a Diamond Weapon in the city, heading for Zegnautus Keep. Aranea follows while her subordinates, Biggs and Wedge, evacuate children.

Ardyn addresses the city through a speaker system to announce that on this day the empire falls and that Emperor Aldercapt , who had pursued immortality via his quest to acquire magic to be Niflheim's eternal sovereign, has no successor. The emperor's wife had died soon after giving birth, the emperor never remarried, and their son eventually died in battle.

The public believes that losing his wife twisted Aldercapt's personality, but Aranea believes it to be Ardyn's influence. Aranea finds the city teeming with daemons and the Keep devoid of life with the emperor dead on the throne. On the roof she finds Ardyn and spots an airship transporting the Diamond Weapon toward Tenebrae. She realizes he had released the Weapon, the daemons and the rogue MTs upon the city, and tries to attack, but he evades and deflects her attack easily.

Biggs contacts Aranea to say he has put the refugees on a train to Tenebrae. Aranea declares that she's quitting and jumps off the roof. She runs into Loqi Tummelt in his magitek armor transporting an eight-year-old girl on a special order from the late emperor.

The interaction makes Aranea reflect on her own childhood when her village was attacked by daemons and she had been told to look after the younger children in the safety of the church while the adults fought. Loqi entrusts the girl to her and sacrifices himself to hold back a horde of daemons while Aranea heads for the train, telling her Airborne Unit that their final mission is to protect Tenebrae.

They down the airship transporting the Diamond Weapon and Aranea kills the monster by destroying its magitek cores. The refugees arrive in Tenebrae and Aranea learns that the girl now in her care is Solara Aldercapt Antiquum, the secret daughter of the emperor's late son.

Ten years later Solara has become an adept fighter under Aranea's tutelage and the protective care of Biggs and Wedge. Lunafreya dies after passing the Ring of the Lucii to Noctis.

Gentiana lulls her to sleep, like she had done when Lunafreya was young. She awakes in a crypt on imperial land that she had visited before to perform a ceremony. She flees from a daemon, emerging in a graveyard. She picks up a branch to fight off the daemons and sees the skies covered in miasma , the world trapped in perpetual night.

Lunafreya jumps in the sidecar of a passing motorcycle driven by a girl who is also fleeing from daemons. Slowed down by Lunafreya's weight, the girl gets off to fight with a shotgun, and Lunafreya joins her using her new power: absorbing the daemons into her own body. Though wounded in the battle, miasma oozes out of Lunafreya to heal her. The girl turns on her upon realizing that Lunafreya is a monster, but collapses.

When she wakes, Lunafreya introduces herself. The girl, introducing herself as Sol, says the Oracle died ten years ago and that Prince Noctis has been missing for as long. Lunafreya is shocked, having given her life so that Noctis could fulfill his calling and purge the darkness. They push the broken bike, "Regina", to the nearest outpost, but the former Niflheim territory is abandoned, the only people around being Hunters and the Kingsglaive. When Umbra appears Lunafreya realizes Pryna is dead.

Umbra communicates that Noctis is alive and she writes a message to tell him she is fine, but Umbra refuses to take it. Lunafreya accepts that delivering a message to Noctis is not possible right now, and wonders where Gentiana is. Bahamut speaks to her in a dream. Gentiana had taught her about the gods: while Shiva , Ifrit , Leviathan , Titan and Ramuh govern the forces of nature, Bahamut governs the heavens and sits above the others.

Bahamut delivers her a vision of Noctis defeating Ardyn, but the darkness doesn't lift. Lunafreya is horrified to witness Noctis sacrifice himself to pass into "the Beyond" to destroy Ardyn's soul. Bahamut claims this is the calling the True King should have fulfilled, but that Ardyn now has expanded his power to an extent the Ring of the Lucii cannot purge. He tells Lunafreya that her new calling is to defeat Ardyn; she accepts if only to have a chance to save Noctis' life.

Sol brings Lunafreya new, black clothes. She wants to head to Insomnia, but they need to find a port and cross the Cygillan Ocean. They make frequent stops to repair the motorbike and during these stops, they chat. Learning to fight with a spear was part of Lunafreya's training as Oracle, but though she can take down small daemons with it, she needs to absorb the large ones, and is concerned about the effect this is having on her body. Training to be an Oracle includes fitness and meditation, visiting statues of previous Oracles, singing and dancing, and fasting and spending days in isolation.

Sol can't fathom why Lunafreya would go through with such a regimen for no reward, but Lunafreya can't understand wanting rewards for doing one's duty. She catalogues her thoughts and experiences in a notebook as a letter to Noctis. Lunafreya asks Gentiana in a dream if she knew that the Ring of the Lucii would kill Noctis.

Gentiana's image is faint and silent, but Lunafreya reads "Bladekeeper" from her lips. Bahamut's swords prevent her from approaching. When she wakes she talks with Sol, who remains skeptical of the gods and the Oracles' unyielding faith in them, reminded of the imperial citizens' faith in the empire that led them to ruin. As they continue their journey, absorbing daemons makes Lunafreya grow stronger, but the markings on her body are spreading, she can see in the dark, and is in constant pain.

The brightness of the campfire they use to keep the daemons away makes Lunafreya uncomfortable. Every absorbed daemon becomes a part of her, but her healing powers allow her to withstand it; thus her new power could not have been given to anyone else. She wants to fulfill her calling, but Solara insists she should consider what she wants to do, which is to live happily with Noctis.

Lunafreya believes this is not possible because the gods would take her life away again if she didn't follow through, and because she considers herself no longer human. Sol learns from Biggs that Aranea and her party have become surrounded by daemons during ruin exploration and has ordered the Solheimian ruins sealed up without rescue attempts.

Sapphire Weapon , an imperial magitek weapon similar to the Diamond Weapon, is kept down there. Lunafreya wants to help Sol rescue Aranea, not because it is her "calling", but because she wants to do it. Sol reveals her name is Solara Aldercapt Antiquum, a descendant of the Aldercapt dynasty, and thus related to those who murdered Lunafreya's mother. Lunafreya doesn't care. The ruins where Aranea's party is trapped in is a temple where Lunafreya once trained, and thus she knows another way in.

From a statue of Aera Mirus Fleuret, the first Oracle, Lunafreya learns her new power is the same as Ardyn's, and can be used to absorb the Starscourge from the afflicted and revert recently-turned daemons. Aera asks Lunafreya to save Ardyn, who had fallen from the gods' grace and rejected the fate the gods had prescribed to him.

They find a massive sword and spear that Lunafreya thinks belonged to Odin , one of the twenty-four Messengers which were used in the War of the Astrals. Ifrit had tried to eradicate mankind and Bahamut had attempted to destroy the other gods and Eos itself. Shiva, Titan, Leviathan and Ramuh had defended the planet and, after exhausting their powers, had fallen into slumber.

This story differs from the myths as people know them, but Lunafreya had learned the truth from Gentiana. They run into Biggs and Wedge, who scold Solara for coming. They destroy the Sapphire Weapon, Lunafreya absorbing copious daemonic energy during the battle. They find a silver-haired daemon carrying a spear; Aranea, corrupted by the Scourge.

Lunafreya turns Aranea back into a human, but doing so turns her. Aranea attacks the daemonic Lunafreya who is bound and taken to Lestallum where the Hunters and the Kingsglaive doubt this daemon could be the Oracle. Ignis confirms that he saw Lunafreya die during the events in Altissia, and that her body vanished, though he can't explain it. Gentiana warns Lunafreya in a dream about Bahamut using her to gather the darkness, including the darkness in Ardyn, to gain the power to perform the "final summoning," Teraflare, to destroy Eos.

Bahamut views humans "like flowers"; indistinguishable from one another whose damaged specimens should be removed. Because Bahamut exists both in the mortal realm and the Beyond, he must be defeated in both dimensions, but there is another way to stop Teraflare. Bahamut notices Gentiana, and silences her. Lunafreya awakens furious at Bahamut.

Aranea helps Solara break her out of containment, and the two head for Insomnia on the motorbike. Lunafreya writes a final message for Umbra to take to Noctis when the time comes. When she enters the throne room, Ardyn is surprised she is there to ask for his cooperation rather than to kill him.

Noctis is dreaming within the Crystal where the soul of the star dwells. He sleeps in wait to gain the power to become the True King. He had left his friends behind to claim the Crystal, but was pulled inside it while Ardyn revealed his true identity, and is now in the presence of the god Bahamut.

Noctis receives the memories housed in the Crystal and sees the Stone brought to Eos, bringing with it light and life. A hall was built to hold it and population soared.

Ardyn and Somnus's parents had bestowed the two a pair of longswords in the hope they would rule together, but the brothers turned against one another after their parents passed away. Noctis sympathizes with Ardyn and Aera's plight, but cannot forgive Ardyn for murdering Luna, though he also feels culpable over her fate because she had been helping him by forging covenants with the gods, a path that was already killing her.

Prioritizing the kingdom over the individual was Somnus's way of thinking. While Ardyn was imprisoned Somnus founded Lucis and was followed by myriad kings, some cruel and some kind.

The nations of Tenebrae, Niflheim and Accordo arose, Niflheim released Ardyn, Regis was chosen as a king of yore and learned of Noctis's fate from the Lucii. Had Ardyn not been released Noctis would have been just another king. Noctis witnesses the hardships Luna went through while he was road-tripping with his friends. He regrets not understanding what she was going through and comes to understand Ravus's anger toward him. He recalls Cor and Gladiolus pushing him to try harder, and learns how Ignis had protected him in Altissia.

Noctis feels he was immature and ignorant and wants to pay everyone who had supported him back. He sees himself fulfill the prophecy and die to save the planet. The fate seems inescapable, but Noctis does not want to die.

Regis visits Noctis in his dream. Regis had raised him while knowing his son's fate, trying to give him a happy childhood. Noctis apologizes, but Regis deems it is the parents' duty to worry about their children, not the other way around.

He affirms that a king must always push forward and accept the consequences. Before vanishing, Regis asks Noctis to protect "the people and things that he loves," and Noctis especially doesn't want to waste Luna's sacrifice. Noctis awakens in Angelgard and meets Umbra who carries a notebook that the revived Lunafreya had used to write messages for him and describe her travels. Noctis realizes the Crystal did not show him any events of his ten-year absence, and takes the royal vessel to Galdin Quay where he meets Sol waiting for him.

He knows about her from Luna's notebook, and Umbra leaves as Sol becomes his guide. Gladiolus calls Sol and tells them to come to Hammerhead.

Noctis asks if his three friends are okay, and Sol explains Prompto helps Cindy transport goods, and Ignis is not handicapped much by his loss of sight because no one can see in the dark. Sol tells Noctis of her and Lunafreya's travels, and finishes by revealing that the latter's calling is to fight Ardyn. This shocks Noctis, as though the notebook had mentioned that she was going to the Citadel to talk to him, she had not revealed Bahamut's mission for her is to kill Ardyn.

To Noctis, this doesn't make sense since he has the Ring of the Lucii, the only way to destroy Ardyn for good. He learns Lunafreya can now absorb daemons, the same ability Ardyn had as a healer. Sol feels guilty Lunafreya became a daemon because she had asked her to save Aranea, but Noctis reassures that Luna wanted to help out of her own will.

Noctis decides to head to the Citadel to save Luna, as even if the Astrals never grant enough power to save everyone, he will just have to do it himself. At the Citadel Ardyn refuses to cooperate with Lunafreya, even after she explains Bahamut is going to destroy everything on Eos. Ardyn doesn't mind the end of the world and asks her to leave, as Noctis will arrive soon.

Lunafreya angers Ardyn by saying Aera asked her to save him, and he summons Ifrit. Noctis drops Sol off at Hammerhead and continues alone to the Citadel without waiting for his friends to catch up. He fights a king of yore enslaved by the Starscourge, wishing his friends were with him. When he cracks the king's mask he glimpses Somnus's face, realizing they look alike and how this must have made Ardyn feel. Noctis agrees to save Ardyn at Somnus's behest, and questions why Bahamut never bestowed powers like Ardyn's to anyone else, and why he has chosen to give those same powers to Luna now.

Ardyn maintains he doesn't care about Bahamut destroying the world, though he wishes he could kill the Bladekeeper as well.

Today, we can reveal that a FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION Benchmark will launch February 1st, followed by the complete game on March 6th. The PC edition of FINAL FANTASY XV features a huge suite of graphics options that can be configured to increase or decrease fidelity beyond the levels seen on consoles. This enables gamers with older PCs to play the game, and those with newer systems to crank up the settings to enjoy greater levels of detail, improved effects, and our NVIDIA GameWorks enhancements.

To help PC gamers get ready for the release of FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION , Square Enix has drawn up three specifications that ensure a smooth, playable experience throughout the duration of the lengthy game:.

FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION System Requirements. For a 60 FPS experience, our testing with pre-release builds reveals that a GeForce GTX is required at x, and a GeForce GTX at x If you wish to pre-order, head to the FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION website. There are new filters, a new filter stacking feature, and a bunch of other improvements. To learn how to opt-in, and to get further details, head here.

With this free application you can capture and upload NVIDIA Ansel screenshots, automatically optimize game settings with a single click, capture and share ShadowPlay Highlights , capture and share gameplay, stream, play on a big-screen TV at 4K with HDR, and install the FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION Game Ready driver when it's released.

Together, these features and our best-in-class performance deliver the best possible FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION experience. For more details, stay tuned to GeForce. This site requires Javascript in order to view all its content. Please enable Javascript in order to access all the functionality of this web site. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION Release Date and System Requirements Revealed; Benchmark Coming Soon By Andrew Burnes on January 15, Benchmark Featured Stories NVIDIA GameWorks System Requirements NVIDIA Ansel.

FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION System Requirements The PC edition of FINAL FANTASY XV features a huge suite of graphics options that can be configured to increase or decrease fidelity beyond the levels seen on consoles. Follow GeForce. NVIDIA United States. NVIDIA websites use cookies to deliver and improve the website experience. See our cookie policy for further details on how we use cookies and how to change your cookie settings.

DirectSound sound card, Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos.

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Its North American release was originally scheduled for Fall , published by Penguin Random House as part of a multi-project deal with Square Enix. For unexplained reasons the book was I know how long you have been waiting for this, so it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of our latest trailer "Dominance." In previous interviews and updates, we didn't delve Release date; November 29, ; Get the game. Standard Edition. FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION brings the acclaimed epic to new heights, packed with add-on content and Its initial worldwide release, September 30, was announced at the "Uncovered" event. Despite this intended date, further polishing work resulted in the date being pushed back to November Further fixes were applied to the game through a Day One patch released concurrent with the game.  See more  · Final Fantasy 16 release date If you've played FF15, or part one of the FF7 remake, you won't be surprised to see that Final Fantasy 16's combat appears to be action FINAL FANTASY XI ... read more

Ardyn, having saved countless lives from the Starscourge, means to become the Founder King of Lucis and instead is cast into tragic exile. The empire of Niflheim is ruled by Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt. The crew of the movie should be fairly familiar to Final Fantasy fans - the Director is Takeshi Nozue, who Co-directed the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children movie, while the Producer is FF15 boss Hajime Tabata. Patterson, Mollie December 6, Though wounded in the battle, miasma oozes out of Lunafreya to heal her. Joined by your closest friends on the roadtrip of a lifetime through a breathtaking open world, witness stunning landscapes and encounter larger-than-life beasts on your journey to reclaim your homeland from an unimaginable foe.

Xbox One X Enhanced: Enhanced features for Xbox One X subject to release of a content update. See also: Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. Display As: Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. Game Revolution. Create your own ff15 online release date avatar, then lead them on an all-new quest to bring the Light back to Lucis. Follow these accounts to receive the latest updates. Retrieved February 10,